by Margaret Rose

Miranda reads aloud a poem by Margaret Rose that beautifully evokes the misty, cosy days of November.

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Margaret Rose


November is a spinner
Spinning in the mist,
Weaving such a lovely web
Of gold and amethyst.
In among the shadows
She spins till close of day,
Then quietly she folds her hands
And puts her work away.

— Margaret Rose


At Day-Close in November

by Thomas Hardy

Donna reads aloud one her favourite poems for late autumn by Thomas Hardy.

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Thomas Hardy
At Day-Close in November

At Day-Close in November 

The ten hours' light is abating,
And a late bird wings across,
Where the pines, like waltzers waiting,
Give their black heads a toss.

Beech leaves, that yellow the noon-time,
Float past like specks in the eye;
I set every tree in my June time,
And now they obscure the sky.

And the children who ramble through here
Conceive that there never has been
A time when no tall trees grew here,
That none will in time be seen.

— Thomas Hardy