Hello! I'm Miranda Mills...

the founder of the online literary journal, Seasons of Story, and the popular blog, Miranda's Notebook.

A passionate reader, I create content that fosters connection between literature, art and the natural world. Welcome to my online home!

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Seasons of Story

My online literary journal, Seasons of Story, is devoted to great storytelling through every season of the year. 

Enjoy access to articles and poems, specially commissioned from my favourite writers, as well as exclusive monthly content from my mum (and fellow bibliophile!), Donna, and me.


Through My Writing, Photography and Film, I Celebrate the Joy of  Reading and Other Quiet Pleasures


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If you enjoy book recommendations, seasonal recipes, UK travel tips and English country style, then I hope you'll find my blog an inspiring resource.

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Tune in to my YouTube channel for bookish chats and recommendations, as well as seasonal living inspiration from my home in Yorkshire.

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Welcome, book lover! You're among friends ....

The above message greets those crossing the threshold of one of my favourite bookshops, Foyles in London, and the welcome has always given me a warm glow of comradeship. I extend the same greeting to you.

Within this online hub, I hope you'll find many friends, whether they're taken from my virtual bookshelves (as, to quote Louisa M Alcott, books are always good company if you have the right sort), or found within my communities of like-minded readers.

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'I suggest that the only books that influence us are those for which we are ready, and which have gone a little further down our particular path than we have yet gone ourselves.'

— E. M. Forster